Can multiple Bases track the same Tag (Multi-Angle Tracking)?

Yes. SOLOSHOT3 is very flexible and the touch screen makes it easy to turn your robot cameramen into a robotic production crew. You can have 1 Base track 1 Tag, 1 Base track multiple Tags, multiple Bases track 1 Tag or multiple Bases track multiple Tags. Simply use the touch screen or your mobile device to manage relationships between all your Bases & Tags.

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How much control do I have with multiple Tags linked to one Base?

SOLOSHOT3 has been optimized to give you the best experience and the most control when filming more than one person. 


  • You may associate each Tag with a unique SOLOSHOTcloud account. The Base(s) will manage everyone's highlights and push them to each user's account -- It's sick!
  • With automatic multi-mode, you can tell the Base to follow either the closest Tag, fastest Tag, or toggle between tags on the Base.
  • Using manual multi-mode, you can have one person be in charge of which linked Tag the Base follows at any given time using the Director + Coach Mode in the SOLOSHOTapp. 


Please note that Director + Coach Mode will be available soon after we release SOLOSHOT3, but not at the time of shipping. 

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