Can the Optic65 Camera accept lens filters?

Worried about scratching up that nice new lens of yours? Well, worry not! Our Optic65 Camera is able to accept any filter with a 52mm thread, which will allow you to screw any compatible filter onto the end of the camera lens. 


Please note that the Optic25 Camera does NOT have any threading for a filter. 

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Can SS3 track the ball instead of a player?

SOLOSHOT3 does not have the ability to track a ball instead of a player just yet. In the meantime, you can utilize our multi-mode settings to record multiple players by telling the Base to track the fastest Tag, the closest Tag, multiple Tags, or switching between them from the SOLOSHOT3 Base.

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What are the camera specifications for the Optic25 and the Optic65?


  DESCRIPTION Optic65 Optic25
Physical Battery + Charging Powered by SOLOSHOT3 Base Powered by SOLOSHOT3 Base
  Weight 373 grams, 0.82 lb. 219 grams, 0.48 lb.
  Dimensions 110.2 L x 92.9 H x 72.9 W (mm) 67.6 L x 88.8 H x 65.5 W (mm)
  Ports -microSD
-SS 'Hot Shoe' accessory port
-SS Camera Adapter Interface
-SS 'Hot Shoe' accessory port
-SS Camera Adapter Interface
Lens Optical Zoom 65x 25x
  Lens Elements 18 elements, 14 groups 12 elements, 11 groups
  Focal Length, Effective (EFL) 4.3 - 279.5 (mm) 4.3 - 107.5 (mm)
  Focal Length, 35mm Format 24 - 1560 (mm) 24 - 600 (mm)
  Focus Distance 0.3m to infinity (continuous, wide)
6.0m to infinity (continuous, tele)
0.1m to infinity (continuous, wide)
2.5m to infinity (continuous, tele)
  Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) 72.6 deg (wide)
1.3 deg (telephoto)
72.6 deg (wide)
3.4 deg (telephoto)
  ISO Range 100-1600 100-1600
  F-Stop Range F3.7 (wide), F6.2 (tele) F2.9 (wide), F6.7 (tele)
  Compatible Filters 52mm -
Image Sensor Type CMOS BSI CMOS BSI
  Size 1/2.33" 1/2.33"
  Resolution 12.4MP 12.4MP
Video Capture Resolution 4K @ 30 fps
2.7K @ 30 fps
1080p @ 30, 60,120 fps
720p @ 240 fps (future firmware update)

1080p @ 30, 60 fps
720p @ 30, 60, 120 fps
  Video Compression H.264 H.264
  Video File Container .MP4 .MP4
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Should I get the Optic25 or the Optic65?

Both cameras offer high-resolution filming, but they do differ in ways that can be important depending on what you are looking for. 


The Optic65 is great if...


  • you are sometimes performing activities further than 600 ft. from the Base, such as kite surfing or filming your drone flight since you will have a 65x optical zoom.
  • you are wanting to record in 4K or 2.7K resolution.
  • you want to utilize the 120 frames per second for awesome slo-mos.


The Optic25 is ideal if...


  • you will be filming the majority of your activities within a 600 ft. range since 25x optical zoom is more than enough. Most indoor activities will fit under this.
  • you are not looking for any resolution higher than HD (1080p).


Both offer...



* 240 fps will be available with a future firmware update.

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Can the OpticX cameras record audio?

We understand that audio is half the battle when it comes to capturing great footage! With the OpticX cameras, we are offering multiple audio recording options for SOLOSHOT3:


  • Built-in mono, digital microphone
  • Input for an external analog, stereo microphone via a 3.5 mm jack
  • Support for remote wireless microphone (sold separately) to have the option of capturing audio in the Tag's (subject's) environment via a 3.5 mm jack
  • Proprietary hot shoe so you can physically mount the external mic or wireless mic receiver. Please note you will still have to connect audio to the OpticX cameras via a 3.5 mm jack since the hot shoe is for mounting purposes only. 
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Do the OpticX Cameras have an HDMI output?

Our OpticX Cameras don't have an HDMI output directly on the camera, but there is a micro HDMI out on the Base!


The SOLOSHOT3 and SOLOSHOT3pro Base is equipped with an HDMI out for video switching, broadcast etc., though it is only accessible when using one of our OpticX Cameras.

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What is the high bitrate of the OpticX cameras?

Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 camera have a high bitrate of 60 Mbps (7.5 MB/s).


*This is the same as the GoPro HERO4 Black. 

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Can the OpticX cameras also take still photos?

Absolutely! Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 can take stills of 12 MP. The still image sizes of both are 4000H x 3000W and are saved as JPEG files.


For Time Lapses, the intervals can be customized from 1 - 3600 seconds. You can choose from automatic exposure, or customize it up to 10 minutes with our manual exposure option. 

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What are the photo burst rate settings on OpticX Cameras?

Our OpticX Cameras have multiple Burst Rate settings:


  • Optic65 Photo Burst Rates are:
    • 3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
    • 5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
    • 10 fps (up to 3 seconds)
    • 30 p video (indefinitely, depending on SD card capacity) 


  • Optic25 Photo Burst Rates are:
    • 3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
    • 5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
    • 10 fps (up to 3 seconds)


For more information on our OpticX Cameras, check out the OpticX FAQ page here!




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Do the OpticX Cameras film as wide as the GoPro cameras?

Not quite! The Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) of both OpticX cameras are 72.6 degrees at their widest zoom, whereas GoPro cameras have an HFOV of 170 degrees. 


At their narrowest zoom (telephoto), the Optic65 is 1.3 degrees and the Optic25 is 3.4 degrees. 



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