Latest Software Release Information

As of 4/4/18, please update your SOLOSHOT3 to the following software versions:








How to check for software versions HERE.



- Fixed issue that sometimes causes incorrect tracking adjustments resulting in subject being moved towards edge of frame

- Flight: Improved focus in blue sky scenario and improved tracking

- Fixed issue that resulted in tracking freezing during session

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How to check SOLOSHOT3 Software Versions

For Base and Camera Versions:

Check Settings > About > Software Information

For Tag Version:

1. Power on and Dock Tag
2. Launch Tags App
3. Tap on Tag Name to see Tag Details
4. Scroll down to see Tag Firmware Version

Click HERE to see the latest software release information. 

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Quick Start Calibration

1. Power on Tag and Base in a generally open area (away from Buildings, Walls or other Obstructions).

  • Tip – Power on the Base and Tag as soon as you get to your filming location. The longer your Base and Tag GPS sensors warm up before use and the more open your filming location, the better your result. 


2. Tap to open Track App then tap the blue Track button to begin your session. Select the general type of activity when prompted (water, field, terrain or flight)


3. Your Base will automatically go through a calibration process and point toward the tag when complete. 

  • Tip – The camera may not point at the Tag correctly when it is too close to the base. For best results, make sure your Base is at least 30ft back from the closest point of your activity area.


4. Once calibration in complete, the camera should be tracking your Tag and recording. The Tag wearer should see a “heartbeat” style blink from the directional green LED on the base.

    • Tip – If you don’t think the camera is pointing at the Tag properly after walking side to side about 30ft from the camera, place the Tag on the ground or a nearby object, logo side pointing up towards the sky, and walk back over to your base. Use the arrows to center the Tag in the shot. Retrieve the Tag and repeat the walking back and forth to confirm proper tracking. Then, go do your thing!  


Additional Tip for Water Mode:

  • Please ensure Tag is dry before docking. If Tag has been in Salt Water, please rinse thoroughly with fresh water and then dry.
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Viewing SOLOSHOT3 video files

As with any video files recorded to a microSD card, you will need to view the .MP4 video files on a computer.


MicroSD cards come with an SD card adapter. Some computers have an SD card reader attached, but if yours does not, you will need to purchase an SD card reader for your computer to import and view the files.


When you open the video files on your computer, they will be contained in the “DCIM” folder on your microSD card.


The Gallery App on the Base is scheduled to be released in April 2018 so you can view the video files directly from your Base!

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Wi-Fi Requirements for Software Updates

In order for your SOLOSHOT3 to connect to the SOLOSHOTCloud for initial setup and subsequent updates, please take note of the following:


The Base will only discover and connect to Wi-Fi networks broadcasting their SSID on the 2.4 GHz band. WiFi networks on the 5 GHz band will not be recognized by the Base.


  • Many 5 GHz routers offer simultaneous dual-band allowing you to connect to their 2.4GHz band.
  • If your router is selectable dual band, you’ll need to switch to 2.4 GHz inside your router’s settings to allow the Base to connect.


The Base can connect to WiFi networks using Open, WPA, and WPA2 personal encryption, WEP and WPA/WPA2 enterprise is not supported.


  • The Base will not connect to captive portals. These captive portals are usually found in public spaces like airports, libraries, hotels, etc. and normally require a separate login when you open the web browser on your laptops/smartphones. There is no web browser on the Base.  
  • We recommend a Wi-Fi connection with at least 5 Mbps of download speed.
  • On a 10Mbps connection you should expect 7-10 minutes for the initial software update to download, plus a few more minutes for it to install.
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Wi-Fi passwords more than 20 characters


Currently,SOLOSHOT3 supports passwords up to 20 characters long. A future software update will allow more characters.


If your password is more than 20 characters long, and you understandably don't want to change your WiFi password to accommodate this limitation, you can create a guest network on your router.


This is done by managing your router by typing “” in your browser window, logging in as an admin (default is admin//admin), and finding the section that allows you to create a guest network. Different routers have different ways to create this, but router companies (such as TP-LINK) document these instructions very well. Please refer to your specific routers instructions.

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How can I protect my SOLOSHOT3 against theft?

If you are far away from your Base during use, we understand the concern that somebody might want to run away with your robot cameraman.


To lessen the risk of this happening to you, check out our security tips below...


  • Use a K-lock (sold separately) to lock your OpticX camera to the Base.
  • The Base comes with a Tripod Tool to lock the Base to any tripod with a 3/8" mounting screw.
  • Use a bike lock to secure your tripod to a nearby stationary object such as a trash can or lifeguard post.
  • Use common sense when using your equipment, as with anything else! Get creative with placement to protect your SOLOSHOT3.


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Can I wear the Tag under clothing and still be tracked by the Base?

The Tag can be worn under clothing, or equipment such as a jersey, and still be tracked by the Base.


The front of the Tag needs to be facing outwards to enable accurate tracking…a tag which is loose in a pocket may not always be facing outwards and could possibly have reduced tracking capabilities. 


*Remember to track indoor, you will need the Indoor Accessory and one of our OpticX cameras!

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Can SOLOSHOT3 be used as a security camera?

Many of SOLOSHOT3's features make it an attractive option for customers looking to solve their remote security camera needs, and while SOLOSHOT3 is versatile, it was not designed to be continuously operated as such.


There are a few reasons why SOLOSHOT3 isn't well-suited for this particular use:


  1. Li-ion Battery Life - continuous use will degrade the life of our li-ion batteries over time (for recommendations on how to get the most out of your battery life, please click here).
  2. Can't Connect to a CCTV system - without the ability to connect to a CCTV system, SOLOSHOT3 makes less sense as a security footage solution.
  3. Not certified for continuous use - SOLOSHOT3 is not certified for all-weather operation, or long-term continuous operation.


SOLOSHOT3 has the potential for a great many uses, but using it as a security camera is not recommended as one of them.

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Can I track indoor with my 3rd party camera?

The Indoor Accessory is intended for use with our line of OpticX cameras.  In order to use SOLOSHOT3 indoors, you will need one of our OpticX Cameras and an Indoor Accessory.


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What happens if I go out of the tracking range?

Not to worry! The Base will stay at the last position it received a signal from the Tag before the Tag went out of tracking range. Once the Tag re-enters the range the Base will automatically swing to the Tag's new location to re-capture the rest of your activity!

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What kind of tripod do I need?

The SOLOSHOT3 Base connects to a standard 3/8" tripod mount, which is a little thicker than the 1/4" mounting screws that most cameras mount onto.


If you don't have a tripod, we offer a tripod with the 3/8" mounting screw...


  • Tripod lite is suitable for the majority of applications such as team sports, presentations and RC flying. 


If you already have a tripod...


  • Check if your pan/tilt head is removable, as most of these heads are mounted onto 3/8" screws for a solid mount. 
  • We include a 1/4" to 3/8" tripod adapter screw in all OpticX Camera Bundles for your convenience.


Check out our online store and see which tripod works best for you!

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Does SOLOSHOT3 automatically control zoom and focus?

Yes, the Base automatically adjusts zoom and focus to keep you in focus and in the shot!


Cinematic Zoom (default ON): limits zoom changes during periods of action, similar to what you see when watching sports on TV.  You can disable this under Tracking Settings if you prioritize maintaining desired FOV during high action.

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