Where does my SOLOSHOT3 live feed stream to?

Currently, your live stream is only available on the SOLOSHOTapp. 


We are working on sending the live stream to Facebook in the coming months. 


Just invite your friends and family to search for your SOLOSHOT account on the SOLOSHOTapp (web, iOS or Android) so they can be in the moment alongside you - even if they're miles away. Once the live broadcast is over, your footage will remain on the cloud. 

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How does SOLOSHOT3 send the live stream?

When you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, SOLOSHOT3 is designed to stream your live feed via RTSP, and is available for viewing on the Web and on mobile devices via our SOLOSHOTapp. 


In the field, you can use your phone’s hotspot functionality or a MiFi hotspot to provide connectivity to the Internet.  


SOLOSHOT3 can only stream to the SOLOSHOTapp for now, but keep an eye out for upcoming streaming services that will be offered after product launch.

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Can I live stream to third party servers, software, or CDN's?

When SOLOSHOT3 is released, it will only live stream to your SOLOSHOTcloud, and the stream can only be viewed on the SOLOSHOTapp and Facebook. 


The stream cannot be sent to Youtube Live, Periscope, or any other third party live streaming device at product launch. 


*We will be releasing more live streaming options after product launch, so please check back then for the latest live streaming developments!

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What is the resolution and bit rate of the live stream?

SOLOSHOT3 offers:

  • 720p resolution for your live streaming feeds. 
  • a variable bit rate when uploading based upon bandwidth available.  


Multiple bit rates will be available from within the SOLOSHOTapp and the player will adapt to available bandwidth as you watch the stream. 

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Can I record to a microSD card and broadcast the live stream at the same time?

Yes! When using our OpticX cameras, the video can be both live streamed to the SOLOSHOTapp and recorded locally to a microSD card on the camera. When using the Optic65, you can record 4k30 and stream 720p!

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Can I download the footage to use on a site other than the SOLOSHOTapp?

Absolutely! Our OpticX cameras record .mp4 files to your microSD card, and you can use this footage wherever you like, since .mp4 is universally recognized. 


You can also download and save video clips to your computer through SOLOSHOTedit on your desktop. 


The live-streams can only be viewed via the SOLOSHOTapp and Facebook at launch, but we plan to explore sharing to third party platforms in the future.

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Is there a real-time delay with SOLOSHOT3 live streaming?

Yes there is. The delay can range from 3 to 30 seconds.  

The delay depends on many factors including:

  • internet connectivity speeds
  • bit rates
  • the amount of buffering that your local video player adds
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