What are the Field of View measurements for each zoom option?

Measurements span the width of the screen in meters.


Extra Wide: 80 meters (40 meters on either side of the subject)

Wide: 40 meters (20 meters on either side of the subject)

Medium: 20 meters (10 meters on either side of the subject)

Tight: 12 meters (6 meters on either side of the subject)


SOLOSHOT3 targets the above measurements, if the system has less certainty in its tracking it may back out to a wider FOV for a period of time.

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Can SOLOSHOT3 film indoors?

Yes.  Currently you can use the Manual Control App to control Pan/Tilt/Zoom via the touchscreen and enable Indoor recording / live streaming. 

SOLOSHOT3 will be able to Track Indoors once the Indoor Accessory is ready in 2018. You will need an OpticX Camera as well. 

Our OpticX Cameras have a built-in proprietary element that works in conjunction with our Indoor Accessory for indoor tracking. Since the Tag normally requires an open sky view, the Indoor Accessory is necessary to help the Base and Camera better communicate with the Tag for more precision, despite obstructions such as walls and ceilings.

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Can you manually control tracking features using SOLOSHOTapp?

The SOLOSHOTapp will enable these two modes in 2018: Director + Coach ModeRemote Control Mode... 


  • In Director + Coach Mode, the Base and Camera automatically tracks the Tag. If you purchase and pair multiple Tags, you can switch between Tags within the app.


  • In Remote Control Mode you can manually control zoom, pan, and tilt, as well as start and stop recording from the app on your smartphone or tablet. 


In order to take full advantage of the Remote Control Mode you must be using one of our OpticX Cameras, so feel free to pick one out from our online store!


Please note that these features are not currently available and will be implemented in 2018. 

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Can I use any camera with SOLOSHOT3?

Currently, only our Optic65 and Optic25 cameras are compatible with SOLOSHOT3. Our high zoom cameras have been specially designed for our robot cameraman and offer full access to the features we've built for this 3rd generation. 

The standard Base can physically withstand up to 1.5 lbs of weight on top of it, but you will need the Camera Adapter to provide 1/4" threading for third party cameras. Please note that only certain third-party camera models will be compatible with the auto zoom, remote control of recording from the Tag, Live Streaming and Quick Set-Up features. 

We will be releasing the Camera Adapter after the standard OpticX Camera Bundles ship out, and will make sure to let everybody know!

If you're a DSLR or GoPro connoisseur, you can use SOLOSHOT3Pro to create beautiful motion time lapses and catch great fixed zoom clips or stills. You cannot auto zoom, remotely control the recording or shutter from the Tag, track indoor or live stream to the SOLOSHOTcloud with these cameras.

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What is the tracking range of SOLOSHOT3?

Outdoor Tracking:

SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag up to 2000 feet. 


Indoor Tracking:

SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag up to 100 feet using the Indoor Accessory (to be released in 2018) and one of our OpticX cameras

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How big is the Tag?

Here at SOLOSHOT, we know size matters and our 3rd generation Tag is not very big at all. 

Our SOLOSHOT3 Tag weighs 1.4 oz. and measures 41.6 L x 21.8 H x 41.6 W (mm).

It is 40% smaller and 30% lighter than the Tag for SOLOSHOT2. 

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Can SOLOSHOT3 be moved while filming?

Need to change locations? Switch sides of the field? Get the sun out of your eyes? No need to power down and start over. You can move the SOLOSHOT3 Base at any time, and after an automatic re-calibration that takes about a minute, the Base will resume tracking the Tag.

Please note that the Base cannot track while moving. It has to be stationary and upright in order to re-calibrate. 


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How fast can SOLOSHOT3 track?

The max panning speed of the Base is 120 degrees per second, and can rotate a full 360 degrees consecutively! The max tilt speed is 60 degrees per second -- 90 degrees upwards, and 50 degrees downwards.


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Is SOLOSHOT3 waterproof?

The SOLOSHOT3 Tag IS waterproof (up to 30 ft.) and shock resistant.


SOLOSHOT3 Base and OpticX cameras are NOT waterproof or shock resistant, but rugged enough for outdoor use.


Please take steps to protect your Base from the elements. Check out our rain covers for the Base at our online store!

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How does SOLOSHOT3 differ from a drone?

Drones capture amazing aerial video but have very limited battery life, may disturb those around you and face increasing bans on use in public spaces.


SOLOSHOT3 quietly films the action from a distance for multiple hours without disturbing bystanders or the moment itself.


Pro Tip: Place your SOLOSHOT3 in the stands, on a cliff or atop a high tripod to get hours of stable video from an aerial perspective. 

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How can I film my surfing session from a high pier or cliff top?

If filming location is more than 10 feet above the water level, to get improved tracking you can also power up your base near the water and wait for the sensors to initialize before moving up to your filming location. 

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