Camera not showing a preview

The camera will not show a preview on the Base until after it has been calibrated outside. 


Check that your camera’s software was properly installed during the update. To do this, go to the Settings App>About>Software Information>Camera Version. If there are no numbers next to the Camera Version, you will need to re-do the update for the camera since this indicates the camera currently has no software on it.


If you have already done the calibration, and the preview still is not showing up, try the following:

1. Exit to Home screen by tapping the top shade within the Track App (has three lines on it). It will ask you to stop tracking, which you will do. Then, re-open the Track App. The preview should load from here. 

2. If this doesn't work, undock the camera and redock it to the top of the Base while the Base is powered on. 

3. If this still doesn't help, power down the Base and power it back on. 


We have seen this problem occur when...

  • user switches from photo mode to video mode quickly (while preview is still being established)
  • user switches video modes quickly
  • user loads Track App, then exits and opens up the Track App quickly again
  • user moves Base multiple times or does any of the above while preview is still being established


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How do I know the Base and Tag are charging?

Make sure that you are inserting the mini USB side of the cable (the smaller end) into the bottom of the Base and inserting the regular USB side into a wall adapter of your choice. Do not charge using a PC or Mac.


To verify that your SOLOSHOT3 is charging:

  • Make sure the Base is off when charging. To power down the unit, you would need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds and select the "Power Off" prompt on the Base touchscreen.


  • When you plug it in, you should see a solid red LED on the back of the Base (above the touchscreen) if the Base is not fully charged. Once it is fully charged, you should see a solid green LED. If you see neither, it is not charging. 


  • Make sure the Tag is off. When you dock it onto the front of the plugged-in Base, the Tag OLED should show a charging icon. If it does not show this icon, tap the power button on the Tag, and this icon should show up. 


The Base's charging behavior is as follows:

  • On power button press, blinks green once for 5 seconds: powering on, battery has enough charge
  • On power button press, blinks green quickly: not powering on, not enough charge
  • While plugged in, solid red: charging, not fully charged yet
  • While plugged in, solid green: charging, fully charged


If you see a red LED and a black screen, it means that it isn't charged enough to turn on. If the red LED stays there that means it is charging, so wait a couple more hours.

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Base can’t get a GPS signal or is showing Magnetic Interference


  1. Make sure that you are outside, away from any buildings or dense foliage. Typically, backyards/front yards are not the best place to test or use SOLOSHOT3 because of the proximity to buildings, trees and power lines.
  2. Pick up the Base and move to a new location several feet away from the original calibration attempt to initiate a new auto-calibration. 


Magnetic Interference

  1. Pipes running underneath the ground, power lines, grandstands, metal fences or structures can throw off the Base’s compass in reading magnetic north, which is essential for accurate tracking.
  2. Pick up the Base and move to a new location several feet away from the original calibration attempt to initiate a new auto-calibration. 


If you have tried several different attempts for locations following the guidelines above, please contact us for additional help! Example footage of the problem you are seeing, and your environment are very helpful.

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SD card won’t mount

Make sure your microSD card is from our list of recommended microSD cards HERE. Undock and re-dock the camera to the Base while it is still powered on and try again.


If this doesn't work, format your microSD card using your computer to ExFAT. If you are using a Mac to format, please note that there is a known issue where the first attempt at mounting the SD card to the Base will fail, but should succeed in subsequent attempts.


From here, try this…

  1. Make sure the Base and camera are upright on a tripod when doing the update, and not tilted at an angle.
  2. Try ejecting the microSD card and the popping it back in again.
  3. Wait about 5-10 seconds, then hit "Try Again." Sometimes, it takes up to 10 times hitting “Try Again” for the card to mount. 


If that doesn’t work…

  1. Power off Base. Remove OpticX camera from Base, and remove SD card from camera.
  2. Power on Base, go to home screen.
  3. Go to Update App and follow on-screen instructions for Base and Tag update.
  4. Once it asks for the camera update, dock the OpticX camera and hit continue. 
  5. Once it comes time to format the SD card, insert the SD card into camera and hit continue. It should mount from here.


Please contact us if the above is not working.

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Base cannot connect to WiFi

  • Get closer to your router and don’t stand in between the router and the Base for the best signal. We recommend a connection with at least 5 Mbps download speed.


  • Restart your router. Older routers sometimes do not connect to the Base, so if you have tried the above tips, and your router is 5+ years old, you may need to get a new router.


  • Make sure your WiFi network is discoverable and is on a 2.4 GHz connection. 5 GHz connections will not be recognized by the Base. Most 5 GHz routers are dual-band so you can switch to 2.4 GHz in your router settings.


  • The Base will not connect to captive portals. These captive portals are usually found in public spaces like airports, libraries, hotels, etc. and normally require a separate login when you open the internet browser on your laptops/smartphones. There is no internet browser on the Base.


  • If you are still having trouble, please contact us for additional support.
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Tag can't get a GPS signal

  • Make sure the Tag has been registered and updated first.


  • The top of the Tag (not the OLED screen side) should have an open and unobstructed view of the sky to get a GPS lock. Holding it inside your hand, being under dense foliage or near buildings may cause it to not get a signal.


  • Turn the Tag off and on, then set it down about 30-50 feet from the Base. Don’t move it for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes this helps get a GPS lock in a location that may not have a strong signal.


  • If the above doesn’t work in getting a GPS signal, try doing a hard reset on your Tag by holding the power button down for 30 seconds, then try the above tip again.


  • Please contact us for additional help if the above does not work in getting you a GPS signal.
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Putting Tag in Update Mode

If you are going through an update, and see that the Tag is stalling at 98%, it is likely that your Tag is not in Update Mode. 


To do this please follow the instructions below:

1. Remove the Tag from the front of your Base

2. Turn off your Tag by pressing and holding the power button

3. While off, press and hold the + button on your Tag, then tap the power button

4. Your Tag should now be in Update Mode, indicated by an image of the Tag and Base with an arrow between them on the Tag's OLED Screen

5. Re-dock Tag onto Base and follow the on-screen instructions to continue


Click HERE to see a video of how to do this. 

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