Opening SOLOSHOT Content on Apple Products

SOLOSHOT organizes files into a directory structure which keeps photos from a given date/time together.  


SOLOSHOTedit requires all video files associated with an activity as well as the corresponding .SESSION file to be present in order to suggest highlights.

Importing photos from a Motion Time Lapse is more straightforward with all photos appearing in the same directory.

The "Photos" App found on iOS/Mac devices rely on DCIM formatted file system in order to recognize photos/videos.  


Options on Mac:

Most Photo/Video apps can still access the content in the SOLOSHOT file structure.

Content can be browsed using the built in "Finder" or "iMovie" apps on Mac to navigate to the SD card or directory you have your content in and click on photos or videos to play them.

SOLOSHOTedit can be used to edit videos which include the .SESSION file.

Options on iOS devices:

There may be other solutions...but one that we've tried successfully is Kingston's Mobilite G3...  With this the limitations blocking the device from seeing the data on the card are overcome and the files may be transferred to your photo roll.