Tips for setting up with a Tall (Extendable) Tripod

This article is meant to help provide a few tips if your shooting scenario involves being unable to access the Base touchscreen after calibration such as with a Tall / Extended tripod.

1. Power on Tag and Base in a generally open area (away from Buildings, Walls or other Obstructions).


Tip – Power on the Base and Tag as soon as you get to your filming location. The longer your Base and Tag GPS sensors warm up before use and the more open your filming location, the better your result. 


2. Tap to open Track App then Dock the Tag for about 10 seconds. Un-dock the Tag after this.

3. Click the blue Track button.

4. Prior to selecting the Track Mode “Hide” all the tags to be tracked by double pressing the +  button on the Tag quickly.

5. The Base will show a Calibration spinner…but will not begin calibration until at least 1 Tag selected to be tracked is un-hidden.

6. Raise Tripod to the desired height.

7. Un-hide at least 1 Tag to be tracked.

8. Your Base will automatically go through a calibration process and point toward the tag when complete. 


Tip – The camera may not point at the Tag correctly when it is too close to the base. For best results, make sure your Base is at least 30ft back from the closest point of your activity area.


9. Once calibration is complete, the camera should be tracking your Tag and recording. The Tag wearer should see a “heartbeat” style blink from the directional green LED on the base


Tip – If you don’t think the camera is pointing at the Tag properly after walking side to side about 30 ft from the camera, place the Tag on the ground or a nearby object, logo side pointing up towards the sky, and walk back over to your base. Use the arrows to center the Tag in the shot. Retrieve the Tag and repeat the walking back and forth to confirm proper tracking. Then, go do your thing!