When should I use each Tracking Mode (Water/Field/Terrain/Flight)?

Water:  Should be chosen for any sport which takes place on the water, such as Surf, SUP, Kite, Wake, Sailing, Windsurfing.

  • If you filming spot is significantly above the water level follow this Pro Tip


Field:  Should be chosen for sports which take place on a field, or other flat / level ground, even if SOLOSHOT3 may be setup significantly above the playing surface (e.g. stadium bleachers or stands).  Examples include Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Equestrian. 


Terrain:  Should be chosen for sports which involve some elevation change or if the Tag will be above the elevation of the Camera.  Examples include Motocross, Mountain Sports (ski, snowboard, mountain bike), but many activities that may appear “level” but cover a significant distance will actually often be better suited to Terrain mode.


Flight:  Should be chosen for any activity which takes you to the skies.  Examples include:  RC plane, drone, paragliding.

For Best Calibration Procedure check out the Quick Start Calibration Guide