What is Zoom Lock and when should I use it?

Zoom Lock allows you to precisely frame your shot, and lock the Zoom setting so that SOLOSHOT3 will not zoom (only pan and tilt) when tracking the Tag.


Zoom Lock works well if you have a specific shot in mind.  You can dial in the exact zoom for the filming scenario to keep the subject framed as you would like for the entirety of the shot, then go capture the shot. 


Examples of when this may work well include activities which involve minimal zoom like Batting Practice, Pitching practice, Tennis practice.

Setting Zoom Lock is easy:

  1. Download the latest software
  2. In Track app, begin Tracking
  3. Go into settings (click ☰ at top, and select the gear icon)
  4. Select "Track Settings" and scroll down to Zoom Lock. 
  5. Go to Arrows Screen and adjust Zoom as desired, Zoom is now Locked.
  6. Go film yourself!

Note:  Zoom Lock will automatically disable if the Base is moved during a Track session…as the Zoom Lock set for any one filming position won’t be relevant to the new filming location.  You can easily go and reset Zoom Lock after moving the Base via the same procedure.