What is Cinematic Zoom and when should I use it?

Professional sports videographers tend to hold zoom level when the action is high (lots of panning and/or tilting). 


Cinematic Zoom replicates this videographer’s rule by holding onto zoom level during periods with the highest action, releasing the zoom hold when action dies down or when the subject moves too far outside of the desired Field of View (FOV) setting.

Cinematic Zoom is great if you want to achieve this type of footage, and want to be sure that a zoom doesn’t interrupt a great play or highlight.


Toggling Cinematic Zoom off may be desirable if you wish to prioritize keeping the FOV setting as close to the value you chose, and don’t mind zooming happening in the middle of high action.


Whichever zoom is right for you, changing it is easy:

  1. Download the latest software
  2. In Track app, go into settings (click ☰ at top, and select the gear icon)
  3. Select "Track Settings" and scroll down to Cinematic Zoom.  Toggle the button on for cinematic zoom (default), or off for the original zoom as you prefer.
  4. Go film yourself!