Calibration with Tag Dock

Another setup option you can try if you have the Tag handy is to do an Auto Calibration with Tag Dock set-up: 

  1. Hit CALIBRATE on the Track App once the Tag has the GPS icon showing
  2. Dock the GPS-ready Tag to front of the Base when the tracking mode screen comes up (but do not select the tracking mode just yet)
  3. Select the mode that you want to track in to initiate calibration (field/terrain/water/flight)
  4. Leave the Tag on during auto calibration (while it's spinning)
  5. Once the camera preview appears on the screen, gently undock the Tag (so as not to trigger motion detection) once 30+ feet away from the Base you can look at Base to confirm the camera is pointing at the Tag. 

    • Tip (As in Quickstart Calibration Setup)– If you don’t think the camera is pointing at the Tag properly after walking side to side about 30ft from the camera, place the Tag on the ground or a nearby object, logo side pointing up towards the sky, and walk back over to your base. Use the arrows to center the Tag in the shot. Retrieve the Tag and repeat the walking back and forth to confirm proper tracking. Then, go do your thing!