Base is tracking too left or too right

  • Use a wider zoom frame setting - the tighter your zoom frame, the more difficult it is to keep the subject centered in the frame.


  • If the Base is not pointing at you after Auto Calibration, your Base can't get GPS or gets a bad GPS reading, use the Auto Calibration with Tag Dock set-up:


    1. Hit CALIBRATE on the Track App once the Tag has a GPS signal
    2. Dock the GPS-ready Tag to front of the Base when the tracking mode screen comes up (but do not select the tracking mode just yet)
    3. Select the mode that you want to track in to initiate calibration (field/terrain/water/flight)
    4. Leave the Tag on during auto calibration (while it's spinning)
    5. Once the camera preview appears on the screen, gently undock the Tag (so as not to trigger motion detection) and go out and do the side-to-side walk about 30 feet away from the camera to train the camera on you as the subject. Issue should be solved from here. 

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