Base is tracking too high or too low

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Make sure Tag is at least 30 feet away from the Base.
  • If the tilt is only a little off (such that the subject is still in frame), then the tilt can be corrected by walking back and forth (side-to-side) at least 30 feet in front of the camera. 
  • If the Base is in fieldor terrain mode, and it's still pointing too high or too low, please dock the GPS-ready Tag on the front of the Base for 5-10 seconds and gently remove. Move back at least 30 feet away. Issue should be fixed from here. 
  • In any mode, with the Tag at least 30 feet away from the Base, Tracking can be tweaked by accessing the Arrows icon within the Track App, found via the pull down (3 horizontal lines at top center of Track App).
  • Note: It is not good to dock a wet Tag to the Base…if you Tag is wet, towel dry before docking.