Can SOLOSHOT3 be used as a security camera?

Many of SOLOSHOT3's features make it an attractive option for customers looking to solve their remote security camera needs, and while SOLOSHOT3 is versatile, it was not designed to be continuously operated as such.


There are a few reasons why SOLOSHOT3 isn't well-suited for this particular use:


  1. Li-ion Battery Life - continuous use will degrade the life of our li-ion batteries over time (for recommendations on how to get the most out of your battery life, please click here).
  2. Can't Connect to a CCTV system - without the ability to connect to a CCTV system, SOLOSHOT3 makes less sense as a security footage solution.
  3. Not certified for continuous use - SOLOSHOT3 is not certified for all-weather operation, or long-term continuous operation.


SOLOSHOT3 has the potential for a great many uses, but using it as a security camera is not recommended as one of them.