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Pro tips and best practices for SOLOSHOT2 set up

We've learned a thing or two about how to train our robot cameramen.

Below are some tips that have helped us get the most out of our SOLOSHOT2 sessions...

  • Warm up: In order to speed up the process, we suggest turning on the Tag and placing it on the dash of your car with the white side facing up, so it can warm up on the way to whatever activity you are heading to. When you arrive, LED1 should already be blinking and ready to be paired.
  • Centering Object: We have noticed that the further away the centering object, the better. For Surf N Turf mode, this means a stationary object about 75-100 feet away, and for Big Altitude, this means 175-200 feet away. 
  • Left-right play: We know there's a slight looseness in the Base that can mean you are either too far left or too far right during tracking. See where each end of the spectrum is by wiggling your Base a bit, and always try to place your Base in the center of that wiggle- especially after pairing the Tag over the Base since pushing the + button sometimes moves it off-center. 
  • Walkabout: We like Zig-Zag patterns, but to each their own! As long as you do the recommended amount of steps for each mode, you will be just fine. 
  • Pairing and Calibration: Minimize the time between the first Tag button press at the Base, and the second Tag button press at the centering object for best accuracy. 
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