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My Base tracks too high or too low.

If your Base is cutting off your feet or cutting off your head, it's usually caused by...

  • errors in the set up or centering process
  • filming from an elevated vantage point
  • bad manufacturing calibration

To remedy this...

  • choose your stationary centering object at the level of activity you are filming. It doesn't necessarily have to be on the area you are filming, as long as its level with the area you are filming. 
  • if you are filming from an elevated angle, use your Base’s arrows to angle your Base downwards towards the centering object at the level of activity. 
  • be sure to hold the Tag normally at normal height and push the + button when you go back to the centering object for the second Tag button press.
  • if the problem persists, please contact with your Proof of Purchase so we can take care of you right away!
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