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My Base will track for a few minutes, then go off and record something away from me.

If your Base is not tracking accurately, it could be due to...

  • the Tag not having an open view of the sky
  • incorrect tracking settings
  • dying battery on either the Base or Tag
  • outdated firmware
  • loose boards within the Tag

To remedy this, try...

  • making sure that your Tag is facing outwards from your body and has a clear view of the sky. Under a thin jersey should be fine, but if it's giving you trouble, expose the Tag for better results. 
  • using Barrel Mode (LED2 red on Base), or extended tracking mode (LED2 orange on Base) if you are out on the ocean doing any water activity, in case the water throws off the Tag's signal so the Base can predict your trajectory and keep tracking. 
  • making sure that both your Base and Tag are fully charged before going out and catching some clips. 
  • email if the problem persists so we can get you taken care of right away!
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