What is Motion Time Lapse and how do I use it?

We're so glad you asked! 


SOLOSHOT3 has made it easier than ever to fast-forward.  With SOLOSHOT3, you will be able to use the touch-screen interface to customize the values, and be ready to go with the touch of a button. 


Motion Time Lapse is a technique used in photography where you take several photos over a (usually extensive) period of time at various intervals moving slightly after each photo, then play it back at a faster rate so that continuous projection of the frames.


It's easy to use MTL:

  1. Download the latest software
  2. In Motion Time Lapse App, go into settings (click ☰ at top, and select the gear icon)
  3. Select the desired Interval between Frames and desired number of Frames
  4. Move Base to desired Pan / Tilt / Zoom position for start of MTL and confirm
  5. Move Base to desired Pan / Tilt / Zoom position for end of MTL and confirm
  6. Sit back as SOLOSHOT3 automatically captures the frames
  7. Use your favorite Time Lapse software to turn the MTL photos into a video