What is Motion Time Lapse and Astro-Tracking?

We're so glad you asked! 


SOLOSHOT has made it easier than ever to fast-forward time and photograph the heavenly bodies. With SOLOSHOT3, you will be able to use the touch-screen interface to customize the values, and be ready to go with the touch of a button. 


Motion Time Lapse is a technique used in photography where you take several photos over a (usually extensive) period of time at various intervals moving slightly after each photo, then play it back at a faster rate so that continuous projection of the frames gives an accelerated view of the process with an added directional movement. 


  • Click here to see an MTL done by one of our own engineers.


Astro-Tracking refers to a photography technique that is used to compensate for the rotation of the earth in long-exposures, so that you can track the stars, galaxies and sky without seeing streaks in your final product. 


  • Click here to see one of our favorites done by one of our customers Derek Morf. 


Please note that these features will be available soon after we release SOLOSHOT3, but not at the time of shipping. 

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