Should I get the Optic25 or the Optic65?




  • Alastair Leith

    Is there a live HDMI output, i'm getting interested in this product?

  • Mikaila H

    Hi Alastair!

    The OpticX cameras do not have HDMI out at this time. We are working on an HDMI out accessory though, so stay tuned! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Michael Cortelessa

    I'm not very knowledgeable about cameras and zoom lenses... if I wanted the 65x for its resolution and slow motion capabilities, can I still effectively film well under 600 ft? Or will it film too close to the target/subject?

  • Mikaila H

    Great question Michael! The answer is yes, you can still effectively film well under 600 feet with the Optic65 camera, since it is a zoom lens. Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 camera have the same 1x zoom capabilities and a 72.6 degree horizontal field of view at their widest point.

  • christopher vandiver

    which would be best for filming an American football game if the camera is stationed on top of a press box above the field?

  • Mikaila H

    I would go with the more powerful zoom lens (Optic65) in that case Christopher! Another good reason for that camera is the slo-mo recording option (240 fps) for action shots.

  • Jon Hodgson

    I plan to use this indoors, which has a maximum indoor tracking range of 100 feet. I did the math on the Field of View for both cameras to determine how close I can zoom in on a person 100' away. Can you please confirm this is correct?

    Optic25 at 600mm (35mm format): 4'H x 6'W
    Optic65 at 1560mm (35mm format): 1.5'H x 2.3'W

  • Brian Reynolds

    For high speed recording, does it record in true 120fps with sound, like iPhone and Sony AX-53 camcorder? Or does it record it already slowed down at 1/4 speed 30fps and no sound? In other words, when you hit play on the recorded file, does it play slow motion or real time?

    Also, the specs say 1080p @ 120fps and you said 240fps above. Is it 720p @ 240fps?

  • Brian Reynolds

    Is there a way to edit my name? I don't want my full name showing up, just Brian R

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