Should I get the Optic25 or the Optic65?

Both cameras offer high-resolution filming, but they do differ in ways that can be important depending on what you are looking for. 


The Optic65 is great if...


  • you are sometimes performing activities further than 600 ft. from the Base, such as kite surfing or filming your drone flight since you will have a 65x optical zoom.
  • you are wanting to record in 4K resolution.
  • you want to utilize the 120 frames per second for awesome slo-mos.


The Optic25 is ideal if...


  • you will be filming the majority of your activities within a 600 ft. range since 25x optical zoom is more than enough. Most indoor activities will fit under this.
  • you are not looking for any resolution higher than HD (1080p).


Both offer...



* 240 fps will be available with a future firmware update.