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Can I wear the Tag under clothing and still be tracked by the Base?

This depends on the environment that you are tracking in.


If you are tracking outdoor...

  • the Tag can be worn under a thin layer of clothing, such as a jersey, and still be tracked by the Base.
  • avoid placing the Tag under padding, in pockets or under jackets because it will not track accurately at all. 


If you are tracking indoor...

  • the Tag can be worn under any amount of clothing, including a jacket or inside a pocket. 


*Remember that if you are wanting to track indoor, you will need the Indoor Accessory and one of our OpticX cameras!

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  • Avatar
    jess bailie

    hi, can the tag be attached to metal (e.g. aluminum/steel handlebars) objects and still track me?

  • Avatar
    Mikaila H

    Hi Jess!
    Yes, you can attach the Tag to metal object and still have it track you. The Tag comes with a clear clip and velcro armband that you can tighten around your handlebars.

  • Avatar
    Rob Foster

    Looking to get this to film three different sports.... Soccer - Tackle Football - Gymnastics... all three have some issues with the tag..... Soccer you are not allowed to wear anything (as it can harm others)... a thought would be put it in a pouch in the small of the back? but do you have something that they can wear for that? or a suggestion.... Football... is a rough sports.... any suggestions on where to wear the tag for that.... and finally Gymnastics... really no place to put a tag...again maybe the small of the back?? but thoughts?

  • Avatar
    Jorge Lozano

    I have the same issue. I'm trying to figure out where I can use the tag to play Soccer. Do you have a vest (like a gps tracker for athletes) that can be worn under the shirt?

  • Avatar
    Mikaila H

    Hi Rob and Jorge!

    Great questions. I have found that the waistband (under a thin jersey) is the best mounting option for sports such as soccer and football. I have also had parents sew a small pocket in between the shoulder blades in the back of the jersey, being careful not to place it under padding.

    For gymnastics, that is what I would suggest since the velcro strap isn't ideal in that situation. Hope this helps!

  • Avatar
    Glenn Vincent

    Hello, what are the dimensions of the tag? Is it the same as Soloshot 2. Are there initiatives to make it smaller?

  • Avatar
    David Marshall

    I guess that the indoor accessory could be used outdoors, if it was critical for the tag to be worn under more clothing, but it would then be limited to the indoor accessory's 100ft range. Is that right?

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