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When I insert the USB stick into my Base, LED1 and LED2 are solid and no lights are changing.

This usually happens due to one, or a number of reasons...

  • if your USB stick is not formatted correctly (FAT or FAT32)
  • if the USB stick is not 2.0 only
  • if the USB stick is a brand other than PNY or Sandisk
  • if your file names are duplicates 
  • if the files are still zipped in the parent folder

To remedy this...

  • if using a PC, right click on your USB stick on the desktop, and click format. If using a Mac, you will need to use the Disk Utility to format the USB stick.
  • look at the connector on the inside of the USB stick. It will be black if it is a 2.0 only.
  • some brands are finicky, so use PNY or Sandisk USB stick. 
  • make sure your file names are soloshot.ss2, 000.ss2, 001.ss2, 002.ss2 and not duplicate names like soloshot-2.ss2, etc. 
  • double click the zip folder the files come downloaded on to reveal the files, then drag those directly onto the USB stick. 

Check these settings and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us directly for further assistance!

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