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My Base isn't accurately tracking my Tag when I am in Big Altitude Mode (LED1=Red)

This usually happens because...

  • the Base and Tag have outdated firmware
  • there was an error in the set up and centering process for Big Altitude mode
  • the Tag is covered
  • the Base is too close to your subject to capture the speeds

To remedy this...

  • update your Base and Tag with the latest firmware to get the most out of Big Altitude mode.
  • remember to choose a centering object that is 150-200 feet away from the Base and do a walkabout of about 150-200 steps for best results in Big Altitude mode.
  • make sure to minimize the time between the first Tag button press at the Base and the second Tag button press at the centering object. 
  • make sure the white part of the Tag has an open view of the sky.
  • make sure your Base is far enough away from the subject so that it can capture at the speeds your object is traveling (pans left-right at 80 degrees per second, and tilts up-down at 35 degrees per second).
  • email if the problem persists to find a solution!
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