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Is SOLOSHOT3 compatible with astro-trackers?

Our 3rd generation robot cameraman is the astro-tracker itself and does not need to be used with any 3rd party astro-tracking systems. 


SOLOSHOT3 is truly out of this world with these new specs:


  • If you are using one of our OpticX cameras, SOLOSHOT3 will align itself with the polar star.
  • If using a 3rd party camera, you can manually fine tune the polar alignment using your camera's viewfinder - sort of like you would do with an alignment scope.  
  • Once alignment is complete, you will manually aim the camera at the object you want to track using the touchscreen interface or SOLOSHOTapp (preferred) and SOLOSHOT3 will begin tracking and taking pictures and/or video.


Please note that these features will be available soon after we release SOLOSHOT3, but not at the time of shipping. 

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