Can the OpticX cameras also take still photos?




  • Frederic Simon

    Hi, Does it take RAW, JPG or both. I am more confused after reading the above.
    "Does it shoot RAW?
    -Yes, all the pictures are saved in JPG"

  • Mikaila H

    Hi Frederic!

    Thanks for the feedback. That was an error on my part. I meant to say still photos instead of RAW photos. OpticX does not take RAW photos, only JPEGs.

    Hope this clarifies! :)

  • David Kuo
    When using SOLOSHOT3 with the OpticX lenses for time lapse photos, can it automatically compile the images into a time lapse video?
  • Mikaila H
    Hey David! If you are using one of our OpticX cameras, the Motion Time Lapse app on the Base will automatically compile it for you! Super easy.

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