Can the OpticX cameras record audio?




  • Bob Huffman

    audio in the TAG's environment is a big plus. Most of the YouTube videos has audio at the base, and you can hear the gears whirling on the Soloshot while watching the video.
    If you can get audio back to the camera at 1500', there is no competition.
    If you can get audio back to the camera at 600', that's better than a semi-pro wireless mic.

  • David Marshall

    It would be awesome for this to be the case, but I'm not sure it is. Reference to the "tag's" environment may just mean that a wireless microphone/transmitter could accompany the subject, as the tag does, while a wireless receiver gets plugged into the camera's 2.5mm jack. Wireless microphone gear either has less than 50m range, or weighs several times more than the tag itself and costs as much as the whole Soloshot3 bundle. For refereeing, at a distance of as much as 100m, I'm thinking of just continuing to record referee audio with an old iPod and adding it to the video afterward... as I have done with the Soloshot2.

  • Mikaila H

    Good point David!

    You are correct in that the OpticX cameras have a 2.5 mm jack to support a 3rd party wireless mic receiver (and a mechanical hot shoe to mount it on).

    The Tag itself does not have a mic and you would have to purchase a separate mic system that fits your specific needs.

    I apologize for any confusion but thank you for bringing it up so we can clarify!

  • Alastair Leith

    The Swivl (another similar product for indoor distance learning/conferencing etc) managed to put audio into a Bluetooth/Wireless signal via a very small remote control for controlling slide presentations and tracking. the audio is output from the base to be patched into the camera. is a neat solution, hope Soloshot execute on this.

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