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Quick-Start Guide: Surf N Turf Mode without Camera Controller

1. CHARGE IT UP Charge the Tag directly on the Base accessory port using the USB power cord provided. The charge light on the side of the Base will be red and will turn green once it’s fully charged. The Tag’s power LED will go from red to green when fully charged.

2. WARM THE TAG Power on the Tag and place outside with the top white side facing up for 8-10 minutes. LED1 should go from solid red to blinking red when ready for pairing.

3. POWER ON and SET UP THE BASE While the Tag is warming up, set up the Base on the ⅜” mounting screw and secure it with the wrench tool provided. Place your camera on top of the Base’s ¼” mounting screw and secure with the tightening wheel. Press the Power button on bottom left corner. LED1 will be blinking and LED2 will be solid. To change the Base's tracking and zoom settings, tap the power button until the LED you want to change is blinking, then tap the M button to cycle through the colors for each LED. Surf N Turf is LED1 green. 

4. POWER ON & SET UP CX405 CAMERA Go to the camera’s menu and select Camera/MIC>Focus>Auto. Then, Camera/MIC>SteadyShot>Active. Then, Camera/MIC>Digital Zoom>Off. Finally, Menu>Setup>PowerSave>Off. If you don't have the CX405, change these settings according to your camera's procedures. 


5. CHOOSE CENTERING OBJECT The SOLOSHOT2 can track as close as 10-15 feet but for the set-up, choose a stationary centering object (trash can, tree, etc.) about 50-75 feet away from the Base. Your SOLOSHOT2 can be elevated from the area you’re filming but make sure you choose a centering object that is ground level with the area that your activity is taking place on. 

6. CENTER YOUR OBJECT Use your cameras LCD Screen and the arrows on the Base to aim the center of your camera’s viewfinder at the centering object you chose. Manually choose the zoom ratio you want to film at on the camera and place where the object meets the ground right in the center of the left-right play of the Base, as well as the center of the viewfinder.  

7. WALKABOUT and PAIR Your Tag should be warmed up by now, indicated by LED1 blinking red. Hold the Tag with top white side facing upwards in the palm of your hand and walk in a zig zag pattern within a 75 foot radius for 75-100 steps. The more, the better. End the walkabout at the Base, hold the Tag directly over the Base and immediately press both + buttons on the Tag and Base for a solid second or two to pair them. All LED’s on both the Base and the Tag will flash red when you release the + buttons. 


8. HIT RECORD on CAMERA Press the record button on your camera to start filming.

9. CALIBRATE Walk directly to your centering object, and push the + button on your Tag when you arrive, at normal height level. LED3 on your Tag will blink green, and your Base’s green tracking LED will blink green at you, indicating that your SOLOSHOT2  is now tracking and recording. 

10. PUT ON ARMBAND and GO Snap Tag into armband clip and start your activity!

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