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When will SOLOSHOT3 be shipping?

UPDATE 05/31:


We have some good news as mass production has finally kicked off, however, we’re going to need just a little bit more time before we can deliver orders to doorsteps.


Shipping our first pallet to our fulfillment center will likely take place in the next 14 days. As production continues, our fulfillment center will begin regularly receiving units and be standing by for completion of our 1.0.0 software release. Once software is ready, units will begin shipping from our fulfillment center to your doorsteps.


As we have been overly optimistic on exact dates in the past, we will instead start providing weekly updates going forward as we reach each of these milestones. Be on the lookout for these updates on our website and social media.


Please be confident as we are systematically resolving the last remaining blockers so we can provide you with exact shipping dates as soon as possible.


*Please be sure to add and to your safe list.  


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