Can I use any camera with SOLOSHOT3?

Currently, only our Optic65 and Optic25 cameras are compatible with SOLOSHOT3. Our high zoom cameras have been specially designed for our robot cameraman and offer full access to the features we've built for this 3rd generation. 

The standard Base can physically withstand up to 1.5 lbs of weight on top of it, but you will need the Camera Adapter to provide 1/4" threading for third party cameras. Please note that only certain third-party camera models will be compatible with the auto zoom, remote control of recording from the Tag, Live Streaming and Quick Set-Up features. 

We will be releasing the Camera Adapter after the standard OpticX Camera Bundles ship out, and will make sure to let everybody know!

If you're a DSLR or GoPro connoisseur, you can use SOLOSHOT3Pro to create beautiful motion time lapses and catch great fixed zoom clips or stills. You cannot auto zoom, remotely control the recording or shutter from the Tag, track indoor or live stream to the SOLOSHOTcloud with these cameras.