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Can I use any camera with SOLOSHOT3?

Yes and no, for a few reasons:


  • If you wanted to get the most out of your SOLOSHOT3, we recommend going with our OpticX high zoom cameras that have been specially designed for our little robot cameraman and offer full access to every feature that we've built to make the 3rd generation so ridiculously robust. 
  • If you already own a 3rd party camcorder, check it against our list of supported cameras to see if it is compatible with the auto zoom, remote control of the recording from the Tag, Live Streaming and 1 minute setup features. 
  • If you're a DSLR or GoPro connoisseur, you can use SOLOSHOT3Pro to create beautiful motion time lapses and catch great fixed zoom clips or stills. You cannot auto zoom, remotely control the recording or shutter from the Tag, track indoor or live stream to the SOLOSHOTcloud with these cameras.
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