What is SOLOSHOTedit & what is its current status?




  • Andrew Wolfe

    Do you need beta testers for the software and if so how do I sign up?

  • Mikaila H

    Hi Andrew!
    Yes we do. The one requirement is that you own a SOLOSHOT2, since we will be pulling data from there for the auto editor in the meantime, until SOLOSHOT3 ships.
    If you have a SOLOSHOT2 and are interested, please email your information to info@soloshot.com, subject line Beta Testing Auto Editor.

  • Andrew Wolfe

    Unfortunately I don't have a Soloshot2 thanks for the note.

  • phil

    I have pre ordered the soloshot3, the editing software how easy it? I will be using it to record speaking and from there it goes to the local tv network? So how easy and fast is it to use and is there a editorial to watch?

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