Does SOLOSHOT3 automatically control zoom and focus?




  • Alastair Leith

    What does it mean when Camera has a "Yes (1080p/1080i or 1080 SD)" for the 30 second set up attribute in that list?

  • Mikaila H

    Hi Alastair!
    It's a requirement for the quick set-up process, if not using our OpticX camera. Some 3rd party cameras have HDMI out while live recording, and others do not. We've contacted each camera's manufacturer for this information, and that is the information that appears in this column.

  • David Kasha

    I was curious about how the automatic zoom function on the Soloshot 3 works during filming (I'm assuming Soloshot Optic 65 cameras). I am looking at an alpine skiing application. Does the zoom work to keep the target filling the screen as it gets closer or is there only a set ratio of how the zoom will progress as an the target approaches and withdraws from the camera? Could you please elaborate.
    Thank you.

  • Mikaila H

    Hi David! Great question. Both OpticX cameras auto zoom to keep your pre-set ratio within the frame. These settings are set on the Base before heading out to ski. Right now, it's set to zoom out (or in) in fluid steps if you are moving at high speeds, rather than constant zooming as you get further away (or closer). At slower speeds, this zoom is more reactive. We found that at higher speeds, the highly reactive zoom threshold does not make for good footage, so we went with the fluid step function. I hope this helps clarify a bit!

  • David Kasha

    Thanks for that clarification on how the zoom will works. I was wondering if there will be any software updates to the zoom functionality after the first customer shipment?

  • Mikaila H

    Anytime, David! Yes, we will be sending out periodic software updates for various features, including zoom and focus, after we ship. Development definitely does not stop after shipment since we're always looking for ways to improve the customer experience! No doubt our customers will have plenty of feedback for us to work on! :)

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