SD card won’t mount

Make sure your microSD card is from our list of recommended microSD cards HERE. Undock and re-dock the camera to the Base while it is still powered on and try again.


If this doesn't work, format your microSD card using your computer to ExFAT. If you are using a Mac to format, please note that there is a known issue where the first attempt at mounting the SD card to the Base will fail, but should succeed in subsequent attempts.


From here, try this…

  1. Make sure the Base and camera are upright on a tripod when doing the update, and not tilted at an angle.
  2. Try ejecting the microSD card and the popping it back in again.
  3. Wait about 5-10 seconds, then hit "Try Again." Sometimes, it takes up to 10 times hitting “Try Again” for the card to mount. 


If that doesn’t work…

  1. Power off Base. Remove OpticX camera from Base, and remove SD card from camera.
  2. Power on Base, go to home screen.
  3. Go to Update App and follow on-screen instructions for Base and Tag update.
  4. Once it asks for the camera update, dock the OpticX camera and hit continue. 
  5. Once it comes time to format the SD card, insert the SD card into camera and hit continue. It should mount from here.


Please contact us if the above is not working.

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