Camera not showing a preview

The camera will not show a preview on the Base until after it has been calibrated outside.


If you have already done the calibration, and the preview still is not showing up, try the following:

1. Exit to Home screen by tapping the top shade within the Track App (has three lines on it). It will ask you to stop tracking, which you will do. Then, re-open the Track App. The preview should load from here. 

2. If this doesn't work, undock the camera and redock it to the top of the Base while the Base is powered on. 

3. If this still doesn't help, power down the Base and power it back on. 


We have seen this problem occur when...

  • user switches from photo mode to video mode quickly (while preview is still being established)
  • user switches video modes quickly
  • user loads Track App, then exits and opens up the Track App quickly again
  • user moves Base multiple times or does any of the above while preview is still being established


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