How do I know the Base and Tag are charging?

Make sure that you are inserting the mini USB side of the cable (the smaller end) into the bottom of the Base and inserting the regular USB side into a wall adapter of your choice. Do not charge using a PC or Mac.


To verify that your SOLOSHOT3 is charging:

  • Make sure the Base is off when charging. To power down the unit, you would need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds and select the "Power Off" prompt on the Base touchscreen.


  • When you plug it in, you should see a solid red LED on the back of the Base (above the touchscreen) if the Base is not fully charged. Once it is fully charged, you should see a solid green LED. If you see neither, it is not charging. 


  • Make sure the Tag is off. When you dock it onto the front of the plugged-in Base, the Tag OLED should show a charging icon. If it does not show this icon, tap the power button on the Tag, and this icon should show up. 


The Base's charging behavior is as follows:

  • On power button press, blinks green once for 5 seconds: powering on, battery has enough charge
  • On power button press, blinks green quickly: not powering on, not enough charge
  • While plugged in, solid red: charging, not fully charged yet
  • While plugged in, solid green: charging, fully charged


If you see a red LED and a black screen, it means that it isn't charged enough to turn on. If the red LED stays there that means it is charging, so wait a couple more hours.

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