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  • Kevin VanderWoude

    I purchased this camera in 2015, I was so excited when I received it in 2018. But it came without the indoor accessory. I waited to see if they would ever get it produced but they never did. I decided to ask to return the camera as I had no use for it. I returned it in August and was promised a refund after 30 days. It is now day 69 with still no refund. I actually got a response last week promising a refund by the end of last week. But my excitement was for not and it has been another week since that promise. Buyers should be aware that this is a very difficult company to deal with. The concept is really cool since us sports parents want to capture all of the great moments we are paying so much money and traveling for. $650 later and nothing to show for it. Just buy a 4K HD Camcorder and get good at following the action like I did.

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