Tag can't get a GPS signal

  • Make sure the Tag has been registered and updated first.


  • The top of the Tag (not the OLED screen side) should have an open and unobstructed view of the sky to get a GPS lock. Holding it inside your hand, being under dense foliage or near buildings may cause it to not get a signal.


  • Turn the Tag off and on, then set it down about 30-50 feet from the Base. Don’t move it for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes this helps get a GPS lock in a location that may not have a strong signal.


  • If the above doesn’t work in getting a GPS signal, try doing a hard reset on your Tag by holding the power button down for 30 seconds, then try the above tip again.


  • Please contact us for additional help if the above does not work in getting you a GPS signal.

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