Latest Software Release Information

As of 8/1/18, please update your SOLOSHOT3 to the following software versions:







How to check for software versions HERE.

Adds .session file which enables SOLOSHOTedit to suggest highlights.

Note:  SOLOSHOTedit works only with Track sessions which have a .session file.  

Improvements (also in

Improved update experience:


Modified Update flow: your Base will update first, Camera second, and your Tag(s) third.

We are moving towards a much simpler, smoother update. 

During this update, you will still need to put the Tag into "update" mode by holding down the '+' button while powering on the Tag. This new Tag firmware enables the Tag to be updated while powered up normally and docked during future updates.  And at the end of updating the Tag, it will reboot itself on and the Base will confirm that the update worked.


Improved Tracking in select modes:


All Modes:


Dock your Tag during calibration for better tracking:  Good tracking starts with a good calibration. 


Track app now supports a powered on Tag to be docked from the beginning.  If the Tag has GPS, that GPS will also be used by the Base to improve its determination of its location.


Note that you can dock your Tag right away.  There is no need to wait for a special screen (as was the case previously).


The calibration algorithm will continue to be improved and updated over the next several releases.


In Water mode:


Several bugs have been fixed (including one that would cause the Base to suddenly point down during an activity)

An improved calibration algorithm has been added to help the Base.


In Flight Mode:


Added an additional step to improve the calibration of the tilt axis.  The Base will tilt all the way up, and then when this step is done, perform a standard calibration.  This calibration will be infrequent, as the information will be valid for many uses.


SD card file organization:


Files on your SD card will be organized into folders such that it will be easy to find videos and/or stills from a given session or Motion Time Lapse capture


Tutorials upon entering apps:


We'd like your feedback on the tutorials that come up when entering the main screen, as well as the Track, Manual Control, and Motion Time Lapse apps.  We added these to make it easier for new users to understand how to use their SOLOSHOT3, and what is required for each app.




Improved white balance


Addresses a problem where some users were experiencing a blue cast to their videos especially when surfing.


Improved auto focus(AF) reliability


Slow SD card handling changes


If your SD card is not able to keep up with the write speed performance required for the selected video resolution, you will see a text message written to the SD card notifying you of this and pointing to the list of recommended SD cards on our web page.


In addition, the Camera will switch to 1080p30 mode to try and continue recording.


If your SD card can't keep up even in 1080p30 mode, recording will stop.


General stability improvements across the system, and small UI changes.